Sri Sugappa, a pioneer and a patriarch of the family was born in the 1850’s and during the 1960’s settled with his family in the now B V K Iyengar Road area of Chikpete, Bangalore and as a practiced his craft as an independent artisan and goldsmith.


Following an unprovoked altercation with a jeweler for whom he worked, Sri Sugappa vowed to start an independent business by himself and founded a jewelry store which would grow onto become one of the most renowned and trusted houses of jewellery in India.


When Sri Swami Vivekananda was still an itinerant monk, he visited Bengaluru in 1982, before his travel to America for the Parliament of World Religions during which he captured the imagination and minds of the world with the eternally famous “Brothers and Sisters of America” speech. During his stay in Bengaluru, Swami Vivekananda often sat on the stone bench outside the house of Sri Sugappa, who along with his family maintained the bench in the fond memory of this revered visitor. The family eventually donated this bench to the Sri Ramakrishna Math, Bull Temple Road, Bengaluru, in 1996, where it can be seen today in the Sri Swami Vivekananda Mantapa


Sri Bangalore Sugappa Puttaiya, an enterprising and industrious scion of the family further strengthened and formally established the family business in 1898 and was instrumental in setting up the in-house workshop equipped with state of the art machinery from England, Italy and across the world.


Sri Bangalore Sugappa Puttaiya soon gained renown and accolades from both costumers and industry contemporaries alike for his profound knowledge about diamonds. Although good quality diamonds were hard to source in India at that time, He never settled for anything but the best for his masterpieces, and thus became the most sought-after and trusted jeweler for Diamond jewellery in Bangalore.


Sri Bangalore Puttaiya Chandrashekara, born in 1921 was instrumental in the growth story of our firm. His knowledge and attention to detail reflected in the fine jewellery of the period, which were sought after by the families of royalty, high society and commoners alike. He was a generous and illustrious member of the society who actively participated in not only the Indian Freedom struggle but also dedicated his life towards the education and uplifting of the poor and marginalized.

1960s – Present

Sri Bangalore Chandrashekara Lokanath started his journey into the world of gold and diamonds at a tender young age of 15, assisting his father with day-to-day chores, he soon gained immense knowledge and experience. His defining characteristics of critical sense of perception, unfailing attitude and astute attention to detail are seen in his career spanning six decades. Joined by his son, Bangalore Lokanath Ashish, he continues to lead the way as a pioneer in the high-end gold and diamond jewellery industry, constantly pushing barriers in terms of design, craftsmanship and quality. With facilities in Mumbai, Coimbatore and Bangalore producing all of the jewellery, excellence is constantly maintained. Employing crafts-men with over 20 years of experience in the factory allows B S Puttaiya & Sons Jewellers to create intricate and stunning pieces of jewellery whose brilliance in unparalleled.